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What Weibu's H-Series All-In-One Computers Mean for Your Workspace

  • by quanzheng
What Weibu's H-Series All-In-One Computers Mean for Your Workspace

Pop quiz. Which of these statements do you agree with:

  1. Desktop PCs are the best computers for a modern workspace.
  2. Laptops are the best fit for a modern workspace.
  3. Workstations have  everything you need in a modern workspace


If you agree with the first statement you're a fan of upgradable PCs. If you chose the second statement, portable computers are your thing. And if the third option suits you fine, you prefer high-computing PCs.


I'll tell you what though. You can get the perks of all the aforementioned PCs from an All-In-One PC. It's in the name, All-In-One PC.


Think I'm exaggerating?


I've got proof to back it up. Here's how HP, the symbolic founders of silicon valley, described All-In-One PCs:


"..All-in-one desktop computers are designed to provide a balance between functionality and form…"

So Why Are All-In-One Computers the Best Fit for a Modern Workspace?

let me guess. you're thinking there must be a catch to the All-in-one PCs. It must be sacrificing something on the altar of portability.


Well, you're both right and wrong. On one hand, All-in-one PCs aren't dedicated gaming PCs. So you shouldn't expect it to have a CPU like the AMD Ryzen-9 7950X, which has  16 cores, 32 threads, 5.7 GHz boost clock speed, and an 80MB L3 cache. Plus, PCI express slots to add an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4070 graphics card.


On the other hand, high-end All-in-one PCs can beat any average PC in terms of computing power.


Let's use Weibu's H-Series All-In-One PCs for example. There are many models in this series. So I'll go for one of the best, Weibu H24-1260p. This PC comes with an Intel core i71260p processor, which has 12 cores, 16 threads, and an 18Mb L3 cache.


It's a computing monster. Don't take my word for it. Check this out:


HP, the producer of the first device to be called a personal computer (PC), recommends 8-core PCs for CAD software like AutoCAD. Here's how they put it:


"Octa-core CPUs are great if you’re a pro gamer or an aspiring one, a video editor, or an engineer. Video gamers who play, record, and stream intensive games should opt for more cores for as much power as possible. And if you routinely use power-intensive software like VR or AutoCAD, this is your sweet spot, too.


And in case you don't get the point, HP's threshold for a good gaming PC is 8 cores. But Weibu's H24-1260p All-In-One PC has 12 cores, which means 4 extra cores for a smooth-sailing experience.


What's more?  The H24-1260p All-In-One PC has a base clock speed of 3.40GHz and a boost clock speed of 4.70GHz. This clock speed means you can run your gaming, video editing, and CAD software without fear of lagging.


After all, the optimal clock speed for these CPU-intensive software lies between 3.5 GHz to 4.0 GHz.

What about upgradeability?

As I've emphasized in the previous section, with an all-in-one PC like Weibu's  H24-1260p, you've got nothing to fear.


But in today's world, technological advancement is rapid. So you're probably wondering if you can upgrade essential parts of your all-in-one PC if there's a need to.


Well, with Weibu, the answer is yes. What do I mean?


Listen. If you buy an all-in-one PC from another vendor, I can't assure you of its upgradability. But Weibu is an OEM PC and motherboard manufacturer.


So, you can get customizable Intel thin mini-ITX motherboards, which have Intel LGA (Land Grid Array) 1700 motherboard sockets, for a full upgrade.


Besides, Weibu's motherboards come with PCI express slots and connectors, which enable you to upgrade your RAM, hard drive, and GPU.


Take Weibu's TNG-B760M Plus D4 motherboards, for instance. This motherboard supports Intel's 13th and 12th generation Core i7, i5, and i3 processors. They also have 1x PCIe 4.0 16x slots, 2x 3.0 1x slot, and 4x U-DIMM RAM slots (supporting up to 128GB of system memory). That's basically all you need for a system upgrade.

Now, What Do Weibu's H-Series All-In-One Computers Mean for Your Workspace?

I won't deny it. The main attraction of All-In-One PCs is the economy of space they offer.


And as a freelancer or business owner, you need all the space you can get. A spacious workspace allows for ergonomic work tools, a creatively-designed work environment, and most importantly good mental and physical health.


Take, for example, Jake, a freelance content writer. With two H24-1260P PCs on his table, he still has enough space for an ergonomic keyboard and chair, some stationery, and a portable printer.


Plus, he's got enough space for minor exercises during his 30-minute work breaks. And these perks don't come at the expense of his workspace's computing power.


I've done enough exposition on this model of All-In-One PCs. Let the specs speak for themselves:

H24-1260P All-In-One PC Specifications 


  • Motherboard form factor: Thin Mini-ITX
  • Power: 90W (19V, 4.7A adapter)
  • Dimension: 540mm * 423mm
  • Screen size: 23.8"
  • Material: Metal/Plastic
  • CPU Type: Intel 12th generation Alder lake-U&P processors Core  i3-1220P, i3-1215U, i5-1240P, i5-1235U, and i7-1260P and  i7-1255U.
  • RAM: LPDDR5 RAM 8GB/16GB on board
  • SSD: 1x M.2 2280 slot
  • Graphics: Intel HD graphics
  • 3x USB 3.0 ports, 1x HDMI inputs, 1x Gigabit LAN, and 2x USB 2.0 ports.
  • Wi-Fi module: Intel AC7265 b/g/n/ac M.2
  • Bluetooth module: Bluetooth  4.2
  • Camera: 2.0M 1080P
  • Speaker: 2x 3W speakers.
  • Supports Windows 10


You're here. So I can assume you've scrutinized the perk. Now, picture two of these less-than-2-feet computing monsters in your workspace.


Think of the additional space and all the creative designs you could add to your workspace. Think of the computing power, the number of applications you can run simultaneously, and the number of tasks you'll finish in record time.


Isn't it the stuff of a beautiful dream?

Final Thoughts

Once upon a time, All-In-One PCs sacrificed functionality for portability. Today, that's no longer true.

High-computing All-In-One PCs like the H24-1260P  can replace any Desktop, laptop, or workstation.


Also, there's nothing to fear when it comes to upgradability. Weibu is a thin mini-ITX supplier, and all its motherboards allow CPU, RAM, hard drives, and GPU upgrades.


So, these systems don't only assure you of high-computing power and portability. They are a safe bet for upgradeability, productivity, and better workplace setup


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