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Innovation-driven, witnessing the high-quality development of China's informatization

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Innovation-driven, witnessing the high-quality development of China's informatization

The 43 years of Shenzhen's reform and development is also a process of mutual progress and symbiosis between the city and its abundant and diverse market players. To celebrate the 43rd anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone and to focus on the growth of market players and economic development, the Shenzhen Evening News will organize the 2023 Specialized, Refined, Characteristic, and Novel "Little Giants" series of events. Through these events, a number of small and medium-sized enterprises that represent the spirit of Shenzhen will be identified, showcasing their immense potential and highlighting the pioneering journey of the city's development.

"Specialized, Refined, Characteristic, and Novel" is an abbreviation for professional, detailed, unique, and innovative. Under Shenzhen's policy support, countless small and medium-sized enterprises have grown from this entrepreneurial hotbed. From startup to growth to maturity, each stage has received attention and support from the government. These SMEs have undergone transformations, steadily advancing on the path of high-quality development.

Shenzhen is often referred to as China's "Silicon Valley" with numerous high-tech industry clusters. Entrepreneurs mature and innovate here, harmonizing individual and societal value. With a sense of mission to drive industry technological advancement, Ding Yongbo, COO of Shenzhen Weibu Information Co., Ltd., has been in the industry for 20 years. Having held positions ranging from hardware R&D, R&D manager, R&D director, to deputy general manager and COO, he remains dedicated to providing solutions for clients, witnessing China's IT transition from rapid development to high-quality growth.

Around the year 2000, China's IT technology lagged behind Western countries, with a significant shortfall in IT infrastructure. However, as the internet began to rise, computer motherboards faced huge opportunities. Recognizing motherboards as the core linking all major IT industries, Ding Yongbo, who has a background in R&D, saw limitless potential. Weibu Information was already a leader in the motherboard industry. Knowing the founders had deep industry backgrounds, he joined Weibu Information in 2006.

Initially, Weibu met client demands through solutions and finished products. As it grew, the company began producing PCBA, and now, in its maturity, it's developing entire machine products. This vertical integration enhances its competitiveness.

Recently, Weibu expanded into the industrial control board sector, demanding higher R&D and quality assurance. Consumer products often have a warranty of about a year, but industrial controls are more stringent, sometimes requiring over five years. This means a massive overhaul in the supply chain, material quality, R&D testing, and production delivery. Ding Yongbo noted that introducing industrial control projects significantly enhances overall capabilities.

Throughout the company's growth, Ding Yongbo has felt the immense support from the city of Shenzhen. The city promotes innovative development, offering financial support, tax incentives, intellectual property protection, and more, drawing innovative enterprises and talents. The government continuously simplifies administrative procedures, providing a more streamlined business environment.

Shenzhen emphasizes talent introduction and training, fostering cooperation between universities and enterprises. Weibu Information values talent development, currently boasting over 350 R&D engineers. They've also strengthened cooperation with the government and universities, setting up numerous research and training bases.

Rooted in Shenzhen's fertile grounds for innovation, Weibu Information has several groundbreaking achievements, like pioneering the mixed use of North-South bridge chipsets in motherboard design and setting industry standards that greatly reduce IT product sizes and increase flexibility. As the industry of holistic solution providers grows, Weibu continues to fortify its unique competitive edges.

Many years of R&D have given Ding Yongbo profound insights into industry challenges. For example, in the AIOT sector, there are still significant challenges to overcome. He stressed that high-quality development focuses on economic quality and benefits rather than mere growth speed. Weibu continuously refines its quality management, ensuring product quality throughout its entire lifecycle. The company seeks to establish strong supplier relationships, ensuring a stable and reliable supply chain and emphasizing environmental protection and sustainable growth.

"In the trend of domestic production, Weibu can accelerate the application of domestic chips and software, promoting domestic software and hardware development. In the era of everything connected, Weibu's plans in both industrial and consumer sectors can be deeply integrated, addressing pain points in industries like smart homes and smart cities," Ding Yongbo commented.

Founded in 2001, Shenzhen Weibu Information Co., Ltd. is a leading holistic solution provider in China. This national-level high-tech enterprise integrates R&D, design, production, and sales, offering comprehensive product solutions from giants like Intel, Qualcomm, AMD, MTK, and Rockchip. The company operates across various sectors, from digital electronics to AI. As a high-level talent training base, it holds 590 intellectual properties, with 446 already certified.


Shenzhen Weibu Information Co., Ltd. was established in 2001. It is a national high-tech enterprise that integrates R&D, production, and sales to provide IT solutions.

Having deeply cultivated China's informatization for over 20 years, Weibu Information has established partnerships with more than 500 top global IT manufacturers. Its product line covers a wide range of fields, including digital electronics, intelligent transportation, smart education, home PCs, new retail, servers, smart industrial control, and intelligent monitoring. Additionally, they boast a global customer marketing network.

From personal PCs and laptops to smart devices and wearables based on IoT (Internet of Things), and further to the applications of edge computing and artificial intelligence, Weibu Information, as a provider of IoT full-scene devices and mobile computing platforms, empowers devices and industries with its robust R&D and supply chain systems. This has set an industry benchmark for high quality, excellent service, and low operational costs.

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