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Quality MINI PC computer supplier - WEIBU INFORMATION INC

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Quality MINI PC computer supplier - WEIBU INFORMATION INC

Whether it is home entertainment or daily office field, computers are one of the most commonly used office equipment. Most office computers on the market are desktops now, and mini computers are defined relative to this bulky traditional chassis, simply put, a mini computer is a scaled-down version of the computer mainframe with all the desktop functions. Mini computers have obvious advantages, this small size, light weight computer host must be the future computer development trend, but also become the key research and development project of many companies. 

Mini computer is a high-value, low-power, high-quality computer small host, which has been recognized by more and more people in the market. Overall, mini PCs have the following advantages:

  1. Small and portable

Small is the biggest feature of the mini host, its volume is generally 1/30 of the volume of the traditional desktop host, equivalent to the thickness of a 300-page book, length and width as much as A5 paper. Of course, there are smaller hosts on the market, such as computer sticks, equivalent to the size of a U disk, mini hosts are very convenient to carry, and can even be taken anywhere directly in the trouser pocket, bringing greater convenience to work and life.

  1. Low power consumption, silent and environmentally friendly

The mini host adopts a low-power processor, and the TDP of thermal design power consumption is generally around 10W-17W, while the average power consumption of the traditional large desktop host is 100W~150W, which is 10 times or even greater than the power consumption of the mini host. The rumbling noise of traditional large desktops has seriously affected the experience of computer workers, gamers and home life, and people can no longer bear more pollution in this living space where pollution sources are everywhere. Due to the fanless heat dissipation design, the mini host can achieve zero noise during operation, bringing a quiet experience of work and life.

Mini PCs are the trend of the future, if you need OEM production services, you can choose weibu. Founded in 2001, Weibu has two decades of production experience in mini computer production. Weibu provides OEM services, and can produce mini computers at designated points and OEM production. Strong production capacity, cooperation with many big name companies, accumulated rich production experience in this regard, fast delivery, high efficiency, trustworthy. 

In the field of mini computer host, Weibu has a high reputation in the computer industry, and more than 20 years of experience is enough to support its performance guarantee and continuous update and upgrading of computer products.

Weibu is the most cutting-edge enterprise in China's domestic information and innovation research and development, and is also a designated technology research enterprise of Shenzhen domestic information innovation, and has reached core strategic cooperation with domestic chip manufacturers such as Kunpeng, Feiteng and Zhaoxin. At the same time, it is also one of the closest strategic partners of the world's first-class IT enterprises in China in the past 20 years, such as Intel, AMD, Microsoft, etc., and is a trustworthy enterprise. WeStep aspires to be the world's most valuable IT solutions provider and service provider. Provide continuous service to customers. Create and share value for customers and society for a long time. WeStep is 100% committed to serving customers, if you have related needs, please contact us.


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