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Since 2010, China's manufacturing scale has surpassed the United Empowering Intelligent Manufacturing: Weibu Unveils IOT0-B560, A High-Performance Industrial Control Motherboard for Diverse Applications

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Since 2010, China's manufacturing scale has surpassed the United Empowering Intelligent Manufacturing: Weibu Unveils IOT0-B560, A High-Performance Industrial Control Motherboard for Diverse Applications

Unit States, ranking first in the world. However, domestic manufacturing still follows a traditional development model of high investment, high consumption, and high emissions. To promote the intelligent production of various industries in the country, the concept of "Made in China 2025" was introduced.


Computer manufacturer Weibu stands on the giant shoulders of Intel, bringing disruptive innovation to the industry with over 20 years of technical experience. With 12 product lines, the industrial control product line is essential to Weibu's IoT industry layout.


In addition to the well-known Intel Mini-ITX motherboard, on June 10, 2022 , Weibu will launch a new product: the industrial control motherboard IOT0-B560! As the grand finale of the Weibu Cloud series launch event, the industrial control motherboard IOT0-B560 supports both 11th and 10th generation CPUs, offering high performance, rich functions, and strong expandability. It is widely applicable to industrial automation scenarios ranging from simple to complex, such as machine vision, intelligent sorting, intelligent manufacturing, and environmental monitoring.


What product advantages does the new industrial control motherboard IOT0-B560 have?

Let’s take a sneak peek:


High Installation Compatibility:

The IOT0-B560 industrial control motherboard is designed according to the standard ATX specifications, with a length of 305mm and a width of 244mm. It is compatible with all 4U cases and wall-mounted cases on the market, offering high installation compatibility and adaptability to various application environments.


Wide Range of CPU Choices:

Employing Intel B560 chipset and featuring LGA1200 socket, it supports both Rocket Lake and Comet Lake CPUs. It offers a wide range of configurations from Celeron, Pentium, Core i3/i5/i7 to Core i9 with different performance levels, supporting up to i9-11900K and a maximum power consumption of 125W. It provides high processing and computing performance with an extensive choice of CPUs, greatly increasing the freedom of selection.


High Transmission Speed:

IOT0-B560 supports four SATA 3.0 high-speed storage interfaces with transmission rates of up to 6 Gb/s. It has one M.2 M KEY SATA SSD solid-state drive interface, which, in combination with standard SATA interfaces, can meet different application needs.


Rich Display Interfaces:

IOT0-B560 is equipped with one HDMI 2.0 interface which can be connected to smart TVs, set-top boxes, projectors, and other devices; one DP interface with standard 5K resolution which can be connected to smart TVs, laptops, discrete graphics cards, monitors, projectors, and other devices; and one VGA high-definition interface which can be widely used in supermarkets, stations, airports, and other public places for the display of publicity and prompt information, as well as for the display of operational information in factory production processes. Additionally, it supports three independent displays, fully meeting user needs for display connectivity.


Strong Expansion Capabilities:

This motherboard features seven expansion slots, providing strong expandability, and convenience for plugging in various expansion cards. The layout of the expansion slots has been optimized according to conventional applications to maximize adaptability to different expansion needs. It also supports 6-10 COM ports and has external USB interfaces, with six USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0 ports, to meet the expansion needs of the vision industry's USB cameras.


Wide Application Range:

The IOT0-B560 industrial control motherboard is made of high Tg wide-temperature PCB material, ensuring stability under a wide temperature range. Furthermore, industrial-grade port protection blocks static electricity and surges,effectively safeguarding the system core for stability and reliability. It is specifically designed to meet high-performance/high-end application requirements such as machine vision and artificial intelligence, and is capable of being applied effortlessly in a multitude of scenarios including multi-gigabit network port extensions, artificial intelligence, automated inspection, image auto-analysis and processing, automated production and inspection, bank security monitoring systems, intelligent building management systems (IBMS), integrated security management systems (ISMS), integrated traffic management systems (ITMS), subway comprehensive monitoring systems, public safety recording systems, command centers in various industries, workstations, insurance, securities and other industry recording monitoring systems, and more.


As an excellent computer hardware wholesaler. Weibu’s industrial control product line has undergone rapid development over the years, and is dedicated to providing customers with feature-rich, stable performance, and high-quality industrial control products and customized services. This industrial control motherboard IOT0-B560 continues Weibu’s product philosophy, coming into the market with strong compatibility, high expandability, high stability, low power consumption, and a wide range of applications as its advantages.


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