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7 reasons Why you Should Buy Weibu's T101 Tablet in 2023

  • by quanzheng
7 reasons Why you Should Buy Weibu's T101 Tablet in 2023
Apple's Ipad is high-tech. But its specs aren't as high as its astronomical price. And there are tablets in the market that offer the right value for your money.


One such tablet is Weibu's T101. If you're searching for a tablet that proffers enough bang for your buck, here are 7 solid reasons why Weibu's T101 is your best bet.

1.  It's  the Perfect Balance Between Portability and Functionality

At least 75 percent of the human population uses smartphones— phones that are less than 7 inches.


Sure. Most of these phones are perfect personal companions.  But you've got to strain your eyes or zoom into the screen when you use apps like Google Maps.


That's not true for Weibu's T101. Its 10.1-inch screen size ensures you can carry out any task easily and provides a better interface for mobile gaming.


What's more?


It's common knowledge that working on a spreadsheet with a 5-inch smartphone is frustrating. That's not true for Weibu's  T101.


With the 10.1-inch screen size of this tablet, you can work on any spreadsheet software. Plus, the T101 tablet supports an external keyboard, which means you can type comfortably on the go.


However, screen size isn't the only perk of owning a T101 tablet.  Check out its battery size.

2. It Has a Huge Battery Capacity

You won't appreciate the importance of a large battery capacity until you experience a blackout. Or you're on a long-distance journey with no means of recharging your phone.


No one is praying for that though.


But it pays to be prepared. And Weibu had that in mind when it produced the T101. This tablet comes with a 5000mAH battery capacity.


In case you don't know what that entails. It means, with moderate usage, a T101's battery will last you for two days. And even if you use power-draining apps, you'll still have 24 hours of battery life.


Think of the boredom it would save you on a one-day flight.

3. Ideal for Reading, Video Streaming, and Gaming

Did I mention that the T101's screen size is ideal for reading, video streaming, and gaming?


Well, it is. Just imagine the 10.1-inch screen of the T101 as a recipe book on your kitchen table. Visualize the bold instructions flying straight to your yes from a convenient distance. There will be no need to strain your eyes after every cooking step.


Then again, we all know you need a good GPU, battery, and screen size to enjoy mobile gaming. Guess what?


Weibu's T101 comes with a PowerVR GE8320 @ 650MHz GPU and a built-in 3D accelerator. Add this hardware to its 5000mAh battery and 10.1 inches screen size. And you have the ideal mobile gaming machine.

4. It's a Viable Digital Map

Navigating through unknown terrain while driving isn't a pleasurable experience, especially when your car's GPS has a poor UI.


But the T101 can make it easy. Here's how?


The T101 comes with a built-in GPS. So you can make it a GPS navigation device, a digital map, and a guide.


Most importantly,  it's easy to do. All you've got to do is open the Google Map application and/or browse the internet for a travel guide.


Okay.  Let me guess: you're probably thinking any smartphone can do this. Well, you're correct.


But you'd have to strain your eyes to catch the details. And it's not smart to allow staring at a smartphone's screen to distract you while driving.

5. Boost Your Productivity

We all need a productive work life. Thankfully, the decision-makers at Weibu are aware of that fact.


That's why they ensured the T101 comes with the octa-core ARM MTK8768, which has a 2.0GHz clock speed, and 64Gb internal memory.


This processor plus its other hardware makes the T101 tablet a perfect productivity hub. With this tab, you can:


  • Edit photos on Canva and Photoshop
  • Use document processors like Google Docs and MS Word.
  • Participate in video conferences
  • Create presentations
  • Draw, sketch, and annotate documents

6. It Reduces Your Daily Carry

With time, the bag containing your laptop and other vital documents will become a burden.


But if you aren't a software developer or use CPU-intensive applications. There's no need for that burden.


Weibu T101 tablet can save you stress. It's only 450g. What you need to do is drop the laptop at home or your office. And use the T101 tablet for your home-and-work journey.

7. Integrates Easily with Your Network of Smart Devices

I'm sure you've heard of IOT. And I can bet, one way or the other, you're using it in your life.


Thankfully,  the T101 helps simplify the process of controlling your IOT devices. Let me explain.


The T101 tablet comes with Wifi and  4G modules.  These modules enable it to serve as the central control hub for all your devices. And helps you to remotely control or monitor your smart appliances or devices.


In simple terms, with a T101,  you can remotely access your smart cameras, receive notifications from your security alarm systems, and control your home lighting and temperature regulator.

Final Thought

The miniaturization of transistors has every facet of human technology. And the technology industry has experienced unparalleled growth.


This growth has induced many brands like Weibu, a  motherboard manufacturer, OEM PC manufacturer, mini PC supplier, and computer hardware wholesaler to delve into the tablet manufacturing industry.


And one of Weibu's top tablets is the  T101.  With this tablet, you can enjoy both the portability that smartphones offer and the functionality of laptops.


Hopefully, this article has provided enough information on Weibu's T101   to help you make the best decision.




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