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Igniting a New Journey | Weibu Information's Wholly-Owned Subsidiary "Hubei Quanchengxin" Officially Goes into Production

  • by quanzheng
Igniting a New Journey | Weibu Information's Wholly-Owned Subsidiary "Hubei Quanchengxin" Officially Goes into Production


On May 20th, the grand opening ceremony of Hubei Quanchengxin Precision Circuit Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hubei Quanchengxin"), the largest enterprise in Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, and one of the top 10 investment projects in Hubei Province, was held. Hubei Provincial Xiaochang County leaders Hu Bin, Li Huifen, Cai Chuanjie, Yu Liangming, and the chairman of Weibu Information, Huang Jianxin, attended the ceremony and witnessed this historic moment. The completion and operation of this project will boost Weibu Information's PCB business with more ample production capacity and a richer product matrix, further strengthening its intelligent manufacturing capabilities.


Hubei Quanchengxin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weibu Information Group, mainly produces high-precision multi-layer printed circuit boards for computers, automobiles, household appliances, network equipment, etc., and its products are sold at home and abroad. Huang Jianxin, Chairman of Weibu Information, said in his speech, "As the largest entity in the printed circuit board industry in Xiaochang County, Quanchengxin is not only a glory but also a responsibility."


Mission Forward Giving Back to Society


The total investment of the above project is 1.2 billion yuan, covering an area of 224.88 acres. At present, the first phase of Hubei Quanchengxin has been completed, including a sewage treatment plant that can handle up to 5000 tons per day, a 100,000 square meters factory and 120-feet equipment. After the project is put into production, it can produce 1.8 million square meters of high-precision multi-layer printed circuit boards annually, realize an annual output value of 2.5 billion yuan, annual tax revenue of more than 50 million yuan, and provide more than 2,000 jobs. The official start of the new factory will inject strong momentum into the local thickening and elongation of the PCB industry chain, promote the industrial economy to "empower and stand tall," and gather strength to implement the "Strong County Project."


Advanced Production Customer Service


Adhering to Weibu Information's customer-centric purpose, Hubei Quanchengxin Precision Circuit has cultivated a team of high-quality, high-tech professionals. At the same time, it maintains a high degree of intelligence, automation, and data throughout the factory construction management chain. Aiming to build an Industry 4.0 smart factory, it vigorously promotes full automation of production and the MES system, while also heavily investing in industrial intelligent robots. The overall factory construction uses intelligent equipment to achieve comprehensive IoT and intelligent upgrades, always meeting customer needs. In production, it uses a series of sensors and controllers to collect and analyze data in real time, monitor the production process, ensure product quality and improve production efficiency... Hubei Quanchengxin has personnel, technology, and equipment on par with international standards, aiming to continuously create value for global customers.


Active Innovation Empowerment Strategy


As an IT solution provider integrating production, research, and sales, Weibu Information pays particular attention to production. It has established several production centers such as the Shenzhen Guangming Intelligent Manufacturing Base to provide sufficient capacity and quality assurance for Weibu Information's AIO All-in-One machines,Mini itx PC , all in one PC and other product lines. The start and operation of Hubei Quanchengxin, with PCB production and manufacturing at its core, will also extend its self-innovative touchpoints to PC, network communication IoT, industrial control, consumer electronics, and new energy product areas. While deepening the strategic depth of Weibu Information products, it also enhances business breadth.


In the future, Weibu Information will gather the advantages of the group platform and continuously empower Hubei Quanchengxin, such as introducing HDI and soft board processes, and aspire to make Hubei Quanchengxin the largest global NB and PCB supplier, promote industry development, and benefit society!



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