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Embracing the New Future of AIoT – WEIBU AIoT Product Promotion Event Successfully Held

  • by wangcooper
Embracing the New Future of AIoT – WEIBU AIoT Product Promotion Event Successfully Held

In recent years, with the advancement of IoT, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, the AIoT industry has developed rapidly. To embrace the new future of AIoT, WEIBU hosted the "AIoT Product Promotion Conference" on September 27, 2022 in Changsha,China.

Industry experts, industry managers from Hunan, and employees of WEIBU Changsha R&D Center were invited at the conference to discuss the future trends and applications of AIoT. AIoT products with Intel chip platform were showcased at the conference.

As stated by the general manager of WEIBU IoT department, “AI played a critical role in the process of digital transformation from traditional retail to smart retail. In the future, if AI is to be implemented in retail, it must help companies to improve performance while achieving cost reduction. On the one hand, AI and other technologies can be used on POS devices to help enterprises expand new customers and bring new sales. On the other hand, through visual recognition and AI technology, the retail operation process can be optimized with a reduced labor intensity and personnel costs, thereby improving efficiency.”

Key features and competitive advantages of AIoT products were explained at the conference.  

  1. Latest processor platform. The AIoT products are mainly based on the latest Intel Alder Lake chip platform, as well as hot-selling chips such as Jasper Lake, desktop, Apollo Lake, Gemini Lake, etc. The products of the platform provide more high-quality and suitable products for the different needs of customers.
  2. Extremely fast computing power. Using Intel's high-performance processors, high-speed memory and powerful network connection capabilities, it provides advanced computing power. It is particularly worth mentioning that the products exhibited this time, such as TA11CX, AI7702, AI5033 and other terminal products, come with 3-7T computing power, which can meet the needs of various application scenarios.
  3. Compatible with major operating systems. It supports a variety of operating platforms, such as Windows, Android, Linux, etc., with strong compatibility and high stability, providing customers with high reliability, easy management, scalability and security of business data carrying need.

The Changsha Weibu AIoT Product Promotion Conference was successfully held under the witness of more than 200 industry elites from IT companies and IoT companies in Hunan Province. WEIBU will continue to innovate, bring more technologies and products, enable the implementation of AIoT scenarios, and work with partners to contribute to the future of technological life!


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