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Smart IoT, assisting both you and me: Weibu Self-Service Terminal Solution Salon Successfully Held

  • by quanzheng
Smart IoT, assisting both you and me: Weibu Self-Service Terminal Solution Salon Successfully Held

Digital Information Drives the Future of Industries.With the advent of Industry 4.0 and the implementation of China Manufacturing 2025 strategy, driven by new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, software-defined networking, and artificial intelligence, the application areas of self-service terminal products have also witnessed innovation, continuously expanding into diversified sectors such as industrial automation, smart healthcare, smart cities, intelligent transportation, and smart retail.

On the afternoon of May 12, 2023, the "Smart IoT Empowers You and Me - Weibu Self-Service Terminal Solution Salon," hosted by Weibu Information, was officially held at the South Rong Hotel in Xili, Shenzhen! This salon invited nearly a hundred industry elites and partners to explore the technological trends of self-service terminal products in the new era and envision the development trends of the self-service industry together.

Empowering Devices, Empowering Industries

As a global leading IT solution and IoT full-scene device and motherboard service provider, Weibu Information has established partnerships with over 500 top IT manufacturers worldwide. With its strong research and development system and supply chain system, Weibu Information has empowered devices and industries, creating an industry benchmark of high quality, excellent service, and low operating costs. As Intel's highest-level Titanium Partner, Weibu Information achieved a high market share in Intel CTE's global market from 2019 to 2022. In early 2023, it received the Best Business Development Award and the Annual Business Excellence Award from Intel.

Xu Bin, General Manager of the Intelligent IoT Division, stated that Weibu Information's success is attributed to its four core capabilities: full industry chain service capability, global supply chain integration capability, refined cost control capability, and cross-platform R&D capability. Weibu Information has a rich business layout and product line, with strong advantages in the supply chain. Even in the context of the global chip shortage in 2021, it basically ensured the needs of over 80% of its customers.

Weibu Information currently has four research and development centers located in Shenzhen, Nanjing, Xiamen, and Changsha. Its research and development team consists of over 350 people and holds more than 650 patents. It not only has R&D capabilities for mainstream chip platforms such as Intel but also provides customers with the best customized solutions to achieve refined cost control.

Intelligent New Era, Development Trends

What new development trends will emerge in the field of intelligent industrial IoT in the era of intelligence? At the salon, Zeng Xiankun, Product Director of Intelligent Industrial IoT, pointed out that with the arrival of intelligent manufacturing, new infrastructure projects, and the Internet of Things, the industry has put forward new requirements at the product and technological levels, showing new trends of intelligence, modularization, visualization, networking, and greenization.

Weibu Information's industrial IoT products, in terms of intelligence, apply technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing to provide customers with solutions for device self-diagnosis, predictive maintenance, automated control, and optimized production. In terms of modularization, it achieves rapid updates and flexible adjustments of equipment through modular design, assembly, and maintenance, enhancing the adaptability and maintainability of terminal devices. In terms of networking, it incorporates technologies such as the Internet of Things and 5G to provide solutions for real-time monitoring, interconnection, and intelligent scheduling, improving production efficiency and resource utilization for customers. In terms of greenization, it achieves sustainable development and environmental requirements in industrial production through energy conservation, consumption reduction, and resource recycling. Regarding visualization, especially in machine vision applications, it supports virtual reality, augmented reality, and other technologies to provide product solutions for visual monitoring, fault diagnosis, and operation guidance, ultimately improving production efficiency and safety.

Weibu Information entered the intelligent industrial field in 2016. Today, its industrial overall solutions are mainly divided into four parts: industrial automation, artificial intelligence, servers, and intelligent IoT. Keeping pace with Intel's chip iterations, Weibu Information's related products have gradually become more diverse. Based on the Intel chip platform, these products cater to different sizes and functional requirements in industrial applications, including ATX, M-ATX, Mini-ITX, Thin Mini-ITX, EPC, 3.5'' SBC, LAN industrial motherboards, and star products. Among them, EPC is Weibu's pioneering universal industrial motherboard that covers the industrial tablet and Box PC industries. It reduces the variety of stocked items for customers, simplifies assembly processes, eliminates wiring methods, and lowers procurement and labor costs.

Mr. Zeng Xiankun emphasized that Weibu Information has stringent material selection and reasonable power consumption design for industrial control products. The use of USB 3.0 ensures bandwidth, and the company has taken measures such as voltage protection pins for USB and signal isolation for specific interfaces, significantly improving the quality of industrial control products. According to Weibu Information's 2022 after-sales data for industrial control products, the defect rate is controlled at 0.8 per thousand, which is considered a high level in the industry.

Next, Li Chun, Marketing Director of the Intelligent IoT Division, shared the development opportunities in the segmented market of self-service terminals. Mr. Li Chun stated that self-service terminal products have begun to enter numerous consumer and social service sectors on a large scale. The global market for self-service terminals is steadily increasing, with even more rapid growth in the Chinese market. According to data from Co-Link Research, as of the end of 2018, the estimated number of self-service terminal devices in China was approximately 5.23 million units, with a year-on-year growth rate of 18.00%. The average compound growth rate from 2013 to 2018 was 23.88%. In 2022, the estimated number of self-service terminal devices in China reached around 8.78 million units.

Regarding the rapid development of self-service terminals in the Chinese market, Mr. Li Chun pointed out that industries such as retail, telecommunications, transportation, healthcare, and other industrial applications will continue to grow. With the increasing demand, self-service terminals themselves will also improve and develop. In the future, self-service terminals will demonstrate trends of multifunctionality, security, compactness, and user-friendliness.

Lastly, Kong Xiaojun, General Manager of the Artificial Intelligence Division, delivered an impressive speech titled "Embracing the 'Smart' with Edge Computing Aggregation."

"The emergence of generative AI represented by ChatGPT will usher in a new round of technological innovation in the industry!" Mr. Kong Xiaojun explained the important role and application scenarios of edge computing in the field of artificial intelligence. Edge computing not only alleviates the burden on cloud computing, reduces network congestion, and improves resource utilization but also provides faster, real-time, and flexible responses for artificial intelligence. In the field of artificial intelligence, Weibu Information has been committed to AI products and layouts centered around edge computing in recent years.

Currently, the AI hardware market exhibits the following trends: the heterogeneous form of AI hardware products constitutes a diversified, layered, and collaborative AI hardware ecosystem; AI hardware products need flexible configuration and optimization according to specific requirements in different industries and scenarios; algorithm porting is resource-intensive, and AI hardware requires frequent adaptation and adjustment, making versatility an urgent demand; AI hardware will become a critical infrastructure supporting the development and transformation of artificial intelligence.

The digitization upgrade of traditional enterprises relies on artificial intelligence and edge computing.


Through the application of artificial intelligence at the algorithm level, Weibu Information filters and refines the data collected by visual perception, enabling enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement through early warning, decision-making, and automated management. Weibu Information has been exploring the development direction of artificial intelligence with its partners, including in manufacturing, construction, transportation, education, and other fields. Lastly, Mr. Kong Xiaojun shared deep development experiences and case studies in the field of AI vision products and embedded products.

During the salon, Weibu Information also showcased a wide range of AIoT products, including industrial control motherboards, industrial control machines, all-in-one industrial computers, education terminals, OPS devices, and artificial intelligence products.



The "Weibu Self-Service Terminal Solution Salon" demonstrated Weibu Information's technological leadership and innovative concepts in the field of self-service terminals. It provided a platform for interaction, communication, and sharing of experiences among nearly a hundred industry leaders in the self-service industry. The era of intelligence has arrived, and Weibu Information will continue to innovate and develop, creating more industry-leading products and technologies. Together with its partners, Weibu Information will explore the development trends of the self-service industry driven by digital information and seize new opportunities and challenges in the application areas of self-service terminal products.



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